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  • B2B
  • B2C
  • FBA Prep
  • FBM
  • Order and Inventory Tracking
  • Save Time and Resources
  • Best rates shipping
  • Assembly of Packages
  • Labeling and Barcodes
  • Efficient Returns

    With our modern technology we have the ability to manage your products, receive your orders,
    pack your products, ship them and track them so that you and your customers have visibility at all times.

  • Take your business to the next level with our technology solutions.

    Integration of your sales platforms to our system

    Integrate your sales platforms to our own Smartful system, since it is capable of integrating with more than 35 sales platforms and more than 80 available parcels that provide a better service to you and your customers, as well as tracking capacity shipments in real time.

    More than 35 platforms and markets, for a better service and results.

    Access to the status of your products at all times

    You will have control of your products at all times and will have visibility through our website:

    • Finished goods receipt
    • Finished goods inventory management
    • Order Processing
    • Order Preparation
    • Order Shipping
    • Order Tracking
    • Web Portal
    • E-commerce platforms
    • Online inventory control
    • Transaction history
    • Reports

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    We Offer Specialized Services In:

    Processing and Shipping of your online sales

    Management of your inventory

    Administration of your Returns

    Status of your orders in real time

    Smartful Product Process Flow

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